All casinos have one goal: to make your money. They do this very well.

To entice players to gamble, the big casinos offer free drinks, reduced or free room rates, and tickets to shows, among other things. They win because of the house edge. This varies from one game to another. The house edge is why Steve Wynn has another casino, The Bellagio has a new carpet each year and Indians are so quick to learn the casino business. Casinos make money.

But in this universe of “We’ gotcha,” there are very few ways to win. There are very few ways that a player can use the cards to his benefit. This method is known as card count in Blackjack. It is well-known that a skilled counter can win a lot of money. A complex system of counting cards and remembering them can give a counter a slight edge over the house. The counter can win and place bets for short periods. He wins enough to make casinos pay attention.

Casinos employ surveillance workers who only monitor the play at their casinos. You can bet that if you win big, like over $5,000, your play will be closely monitored for counting. Casinos have a counter-weapon: Nevada law allows casinos the right to ban play for any reason. Casinos can ask players to quit if they feel the player is winning too much. pussy888

As many casinos have discovered, they cannot handle rough-up players. Casino staff could and did take players out of their guest list to “discourage” their behavior in the past. Many instances have been recorded of players being threatened and beat up. To this end, he would be added to a blacklist. The blacklist book that Griffin Investigations kept was one of the most important blacklists for American casinos.

We are litigious, however. In 2000, James Grosjean and Michael Russo were both known as “cheaters” and were wrongly “detained at a major casino strip. Griffins also placed them in their book of unfavorables. It was just business as usual at casinos.

Only Russo was and Grosjean were sued.

They weren’t found with any cheating devices. They didn’t steal any casino chips from either the players nor the casino. They just used their brains well enough to beat casino players with their game (counting cards). They argued that Griffin Investigations and casinos had no right to blacklist or improperly detain them.

Griffin Investigations filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September 2005, citing large financial penalties against them by Russo & Grosjean. You can also bet that the casino lawsuits have changed their policies toward counters. They won’t allow counters to win large sums of cash. They can’t let them in a backroom anymore. “Gentlemen! We don’t want your play.” This is the most difficult thing a casino could say or do to card-counters.